Testimonials from my client's


Sept 2020

I came across Sharon when I was going through a very rough patch and needed someone to help and listen to me. I chose Sharon on an instinct that she was the right person. I am so glad I did. A few weeks on from my first counselling session I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Sharon helped me identify my issues and guide me towards strategies to help me cope positively. I feel more confident in my capabilities in moving forward. I feel I would have been unable to do this without her. Sharon is non judgmental and very professional. She is very attentive and it felt very comfortable to talk to her. I am very grateful I found her.


June 2018

Due to the loss of my brother my life was fast becoming a downward spiral including making bad decisions, bad relationships and too much alcohol. I was reluctant to seek help. It took 9 months before I began a ‘counselling journey’ as I didn’t want to admit I was struggling but I am glad I made the step [eventually] and I was fortunate to have Sharron’s help and guidance on a weekly basis for approximately 18 months.


At first, I was very stuck in my ways and resisted compromise or change; I didn’t want to talk about my grief as it felt as though I was ‘working’ through the stages on a continuous cycle. Yet, as the months passed, Sharron helped me make some very positive life changes and guided my thought processes through adaptive coping techniques (such as journaling and increased communication skills). I found the experience challenging from month to month and some weeks I was reluctant to discuss specific issues, but Sharron helped me to change my perspective and develop my self-awareness which resulted in healthier relationships with family and friends and helped ease my pain from the loss of my brother.


At the beginning of the journey my life had no direction: I was stuck in a job that was unfulfilling; incredibly unmotivated depressed and suffering with my grief. Sharron helped with my personal growth and inspired me to step out of my comfort zone; to experience and appreciate life, and; to look forward to a future for me and my son [as opposed to wallowing in my grief]. I am now almost at the end of an access college course and plan to attend University to study Psychology. I am extremely grateful to Sharron: I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her guidance; easy-going and comforting nature, and; the valuable coping techniques she taught me. I am extremely thankful to her for helping turn my life around for myself and for my son.


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